How to Determine if the Job Applicant You will Hire Possesses the Ability to Perform the Job

While it is reasonable for employers to want and demand a productive and profitable workforce, employees, on their part, deserve and have a right to a safe workplace. But how can an employer know if the job applicant he/she will hire possesses the skills and ability that will render him/her effective and productive?

Before a job offer is made, an employer can ask an applicant about his/her ability to perform job functions or to describe or demonstrate how he/she would perform job tasks; questions can even include an applicant’s qualifications so long as these questions are not disability-related as these would violate the stipulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (the ADA).

Only after an applicant has been given a conditional job offer can an employer ask disability-related questions and require medical examinations, but, again, this is allowed only if the same process is required of all applicants in the job category. These questions or tests are called Post Offer Employment Testing or Post Employment Testing. The medical exams, in particular, are designed to reveal any type or form of impairment an applicant has; more than determine an applicant’s ability to perform a task, it measures an applicant’s physiological responses to performing job tasks. Post-employment testing usually includes fit-for-duty testing, functional capacity evaluations and sincerity-of-effort testing.

According to a job analysis expert, “The foundation of an effective, legally-compliant functional testing program is a job analysis that accurately measures the actual requirements of the job in a fair and reliable way. Functional employment testing that assesses a candidate’s ability to perform the actual physical demands of the position, calibrated to the precise weights and measurements that are required of the job, is the most effective predictor of a candidate’s physical ability to perform those essential functions.”

Functional employment testing given by employment testing firms is job-specific, with the functional tasks created from precise data that is collected via an onsite, job analysis that conforms with the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection. Employers who seek the services of employment testing firms can be confident that their new-hire candidates will be tested to the actual physical requirements of the job – safely matching a worker to the positions for which he/she is being hired, reducing injuries, thus, reducing the cost and incidence workers’ compensation claims in the process.

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